how you can help

♡ Adoption may not be right for everyone but there are ♡ ♡ many other ways to help a child ♡
Become a foster parent
  • A foster parent provides a temporary, loving home for a child(ren) in foster care. The foster child(ren) may eventually be reunited with their birthparents or be placed with a family that will adopt them.

  • Many adoptions through foster care are by   foster parents.

Become a Mentor
  • Mentors are caring, stable adults to children who otherwise might not have one in their lives. They are a friend, advocate and supporter who will listen, care and help.

  • Mentors and their mentees meet monthly which helps build and strengthen a strong and meaningful relationship.

  • Mentors receive training and support along the way.

Ideas to contribute in other ways
  • Donate a service or resource.

  • Do you own a salon and could help make a child feel special with a new haircut or manicure? 

  • Teach an art project, give music lessons, teach computer skills or tutor a child in math or reading.

  • Become a volunteer to an agency that serves children. 

  • We can always use volunteers. To find out more about volunteer opportunities, call us at... 248-277-4643

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